"Hearing the Ferrinis share examples from real life helped take a concept and turn it into something that looked possible"

- Orlando, FL

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"No Regrets"

Cindi realizes that an honest mom will admit to desiring time for herself at the end of a full day.
In No Regrets, Cindi writes poetically, capturing a mother’s heart and her struggle to find that me
time, that free time for which she yearns, and the resolve she discovers.

Every mom will find herself between the lines of this story where her choices will not
necessarily be fun, easy, or comfortable—but in the end, right.
Accompany authors Joe and Cindi Ferrini on their journey to raising a son with special needs and
caring for parents requiring special assistance in their later years.

“Our friends Joe and Cindi have weathered some serious storms on their Unexpected Journey.
If you’ve experienced disappointment, discouragement or the death of a vision, then this book
is for you. Let them put their arms around you and encourage you regardless of where you are
in your journey. You WILL find hope, courage and faith in these pages.”

Dennis and Barbara Rainey,
President/Co-Founders of Familylife

"Unexpected Journey"

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"Get it Together"

A set of 6 cards with envelopes and 1 postcard of scenes of Italy
originally painted in watercolor/acrylic by Cindi Ferrini

Idyllic Italy



Moody Radio’s Midday Connection radio interview with Anita Lustrea…

“Sometimes unexpected journeys enter our lives. On this Midday Connection, Cindi and Joe Ferrini join us to talk about when special needs changed their course. When a child with special needs enters the world there can be hurdles and challenges. The Ferrini’s will address everything from diagnosis to enlisting help from the church as well as family and friends.”

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